HD Smoke



FAV Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

All three flavors of the FAV Disposable are charged and ready to use straight out of the packaging. Simply remove the protective caps at the end of the cigarette and enjoy!

HDCorona Disposable Electronic Cigar

The HDCorona is fully charged and ready to enjoy straight out of the packaging. Simply unwrap and remove plastic cap/plug from mouthpiece, and your HDCigar is ready to enjoy!


HDSmoke Deluxe Starter Kit and Mini Starter Kit:

HDSmoke Electronic Cigarette Users Guide

Your HDSmoke Electronic Cigarettes simple and efficient, patented 2-piece design allows you to begin Smoking High Definition in seconds!

Assembly and Use:
Your HDSmoke Electronic Cigarette has 2 main components:

The Cartomizer . & The Battery

When fully assembled your HDSmoke Electronic Cigarette should look like this:

So simple to use:
Carefully screw the cartomizer onto the battery and you are ready to start enjoying your HDSmoke Electronic Cigarette. The battery is automatic! It is activated simply by inhaling, and it is off when not in use. There is no need to turn your HDSmoke Electronic Cigarette on or off. There is no need to worry about starting a fire in the trash bin, on clothes, bedding or elsewhere. When smoke or vapor is no longer being produced, it is time to change the cartomizer. Simply unscrew it and dispose of it. Screw on a new cartomizer. Each cartomizer is equivalent to approximately 30 cigarettes.

Charging the HDSmoke Battery:
To charge the battery, unscrew the cartomizer, insert the battery onto the USB charger and plug into any USB port on a computer and ensure the computer is on. Let it charge for at least 4 hours or until the charger LED light turns green. Additional Batteries, Carrying Cases and a variety of Home and Car Chargers are available. Please check our Accessories Page.

Click here to order an HDSmoke Starter Kit for yourself or a loved one today.

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